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We at “S&S Polymers’, are highly reputed in providing our customers with a wide range of Epoxy Resins and Hardeners from Huntsman. In India, Huntsman primarily operates under the very popular brand names “Araldite” and “Aradur”. The Huntsman advanced materials offers the coatings market with a range of innovative epoxy systems in ambient and hot curing applications for construction, marine coatings, industrial maintenance, and automobile sectors.

Epoxy Coating Systems

Epoxy Coating Systems

Epoxy Coating Systems find vast application in the construction industry.

Important Applications:-

  • Self Leveling Industrial Floor Coatings
  • Structural Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
  • Rehabilitation of Dams and Bridges
  • Water Proofing
  • Grouting Applications etc.

Some of the products that are used for these applications are:

  • Bisphenol – A and –F type Epoxy Resins

  • Polyamide and Polyamidoamine Hardeners

  • Cycloaliphatic Hardeners

  • Aliphatic Amine Hardeners

  • Araldite GY 250, GY 257, GY 9090

  • Aradur 43, AD 2963, AD 2973, AD 847, XY 54, AD 140, AD 450,HY 951”


Paints Epoxy Systems

Paints Epoxy Systems

Some of the applications of paint demand elevated properties in terms of performance and in such cases Paints Epoxy Systems are used in the back bone of paint manufacturing to give the product the desired properties.

Solvent based epoxy resin systems and flake epoxy resins are available with use for use in paint and powder coating industries. Some of the products are:


  • Araldite GT 7004, GZ 6071 X75, GZ 7071 X75

Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Systems

Potting and Casting Epoxies find in a varied industries, varying from CDI Units, Capacitor manufacturers to High Tension Insulators in HT Wires and Transformers.

Huntsman products are widely accepted and proven in this segment because of their expertise in Casting and Potting Systems.


Some of the products we stock for this segment of industries are:


  • Araldite CY 205, Araldite CY 225, Araldite CY 230, Araldite MY 750

  • Aradur HY 905, Aradur HY 925, Aradur HY 951

  • Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Systems for Outdoor Insulators

  • ABB Approved Epoxy Systems

Industrial Epoxy Systems

Industrial Epoxy Systems
Corrosion of equipments is a major issue in STP, Chemical Plants, Mills etc and corrosion prevention is a very important activity in such industries. Our products for corrosion prevention Industrial Epoxy Systems out do competition both in terms of performance and pricing in this segment.

Some of the products used are:

  • Coal Tar Based Epoxy Systems Araldite GY 255 + XY 45
  • Araldite GY 250, GY 257, GY 9090
  • Aradur 2963, AD 2973, XY 54, AD 43, AD 847, AD 450

    Basic Epoxy Resins And Hardeners

    Basic Epoxy Resins And Hardeners
    Basic Liquid Epoxy resins are the most widely used product in the epoxy Industry and are widely used to be reformulated to suit to specific industries or customer requirements. Huntsman is the market leader in this category in India, with the following products:



    • Araldite GY 250, GY 255, GY 257

    • Aradur  HY 951, XY 45, XY 54, 2958

    • Aradur Polyamide 140 Hardener

    Epoxy Systems

    Epoxy Systems

    Mould making and pattern making are an important phase during composite part manufacturing and high strength, and highly abrasion resistant resin systems are required for this application. For this application, our customers use:



    • Araldite LY 556 + Aradur HY 951

    • Rengel SW 404 + Ren HY 2404 (Epoxy Gelcoat)

    • Huntsman Araldite Epoxy Tooling Boards

    • Huntsman Araldite Epoxy Tooling Gelcoats

    Reactive Diluents, Epoxy Thinners and Ancillaries

    Reactive Diluents, Epoxy Thinners and Ancillaries
    Some of the ancillaries for the Epoxy Industry are Reactive Diluents, Epoxy Reducers or Thinners, Accelerators, Matting agents, Flow Control Agents etc.

    We stock the following on order:


    • Phenyl Glycidyl Ether Diluent ( PGE Diluent)

    • Cresyl Glycidyl Ether Diluent ( CGE Diluent)

    • Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether ( C12 – C14)

    • Epoxy Reducer or Thinner

    • Accelerators

    • Matting Agents

    • Flow control agents

    • Epoxy Pigments

    Epoxy Adhesives

    Epoxy Adhesives

    Araldite is commercially the most popular Epoxy Adhesive in India, but majority of the people seldom know that there are over 2000 products under the brand name Araldite. Araldite range of adhesives are the strongest and the most reliable adhesives world over, and there are a wide variety of products available from Huntsman, which can be based on the bond strength, bonding substrates, pot life, cure time, usability and many other parameters.

    Our most popular adhesives are as listed below:


    • Araldite AW 106, HV 953 IN/U

    • Araldite AV 138, HV 998

    • Araldite 2000+ Series

    • Araldite Klad-X

    • Araldite Klear

    • Araldite Tuffix

    • Agomet Adhesives

    Araldite Klear 4 Epoxy Resins

    We are the Authorized Distributors for ARALDITE KLEAR 4+ in all packing sizes.ARALDITE KLEAR 4+ is a Clear and Transparent Epoxy Adhesive which is suitable for bonding metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers, rigid plastic, gems, stones, etc, used in making handicrafts, artifacts, artificial jewellery, glass furniture etc.It is an innovative product which is fast curing (handling strength in 2 hours) and cures to a clear and transparent finish with excellent bonding strength.

    Epoxy Resins for Electrical Applications

    One of the most critical applications of Epoxy Resins is in the Electrical Industry and majority of electrical insulators are manufactures using Epoxy Resins.

    The most proven resins and hardeners from Huntsman for applications like Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Laminate Sheets, Trickle Impregnation are:


    • Aradlite LY 556, Araldite MY 740

    • Aradur HY 917, Aradur HY 918, Aradur HY 906, Aradur HY 951

    • Accelerator DY 061, DY 062, DY 070

    • Epoxy System Araldite MY 740 + HY 918 + Accelerator DY 062 for pultrusion and sheet making.


    We also stock industry specific hardeners like DDM Hardeners equivalent to Aradur HT 972 ( 4’ 4 Diamino Diphenyl Methane), TETA Hardeners ( Triethylene Tetra Amine), DETA Hardeners (Diethylene Triamine), Anhydride Hardeners etc.

    Fiberglass Epoxy Resin


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